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Let’s pledge to preserve our Heritage

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Day before yesterday while taking a regular evening walk, I took the route towards the magnificent  ” IMAM KOTHI ” which is very close to my house. I have seen the building many a times, have felt its glory, but every time I see it I have new love towards this 150 years old cultural heritage of my hometown Ranchi. The red brick structure was built under direction of Sir Ali Imam Ji who was the prime minister of Hyderabad’s Nizam.

This beautiful French Architectural style building had been sold long time back but remains neglected. The precious doors and windows have been stolen by people.It is now used as a marble godown ,despite this the building is standing in its full glory and its royal history is still being echoed.

I request the Government and people of our society to preserve, protect and promote the cultural heritage of Jharkhand State, so that Jharkhand is not known as den of Naxalites but for the rich historical and cultural heritage.

  • Runa.

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